Love Quotes and Sayings

Master Cheng Yen Love Quotes and Sayings

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Master Cheng Yen Love Quotes and Sayings

1. Love is taking care of oneself by freeing one’s mind of worries and conducting one self with propriety.

2. The love one receives is as great as the love that one gives.

3. Love is just like a cup of tea; when properly mixed, it has wonderful light aroma. If it is too strong, it will be too bitter to drink.

4. We cannot love when filled with suspicion. We cannot trust when filled with doubts. We cannot forgive when unwilling to believe.

5. Wisdom allows love to remain pure and untainted.

6. In this world, there is none whom I do not love, none whom I do not trust and none whom I cannot forgive.

7. Happiest is the person whose heart is filled with love.

8. 充滿愛心的人最幸福。A heart of loving kindness enjoys greatest happiness.

9. 雖然人生充滿苦難與悲痛,但是也充滿希望與愛。Life is filled with pain and sufferings, but also with hope and love.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: Cheng Yen (simplified Chinese: 证严法师; traditional Chinese: 證嚴法師; pinyin: Zhèngyán Fǎshī; born 11 May 1937) is a Taiwanese Buddhist nun (bhikkhuni), teacher, and philanthropist. She is often called the “Mother Teresa of Asia.” In 1966, Cheng Yen founded the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, commonly known as Tzu Chi; its motto is “instructing the rich and saving the poor”. Later, Cheng Yen’s Charity, Medicine, Education, and Culture Missions developed, and to the present the Tzu Chi Foundation has become involved in international disaster relief, bone marrow donation, environmental protection, and community volunteering.

Sayings by Master Cheng Yen

1. One who can show us the right path is a good teacher. One who can walk the right path with us is a good friend.

2. Be grateful always, for everything and everyone, at every moment.

3. As long as one has a strong mind, one can carry out missions without fear of external pressure.

4. Constantly think good thoughts and cultivate ever-growing wisdom.

5. Believe in yourself, but do not be attached in your own point of view.

6. When walking, as we step one foot forward, we lift the others foot up. In the same way, should let go of yesterday, and focus on today.

7. Continue, even when it is hard to go on. Release, even when it is hard to let go. Endure, even when it is hard to bear. This is how we build Character.

8. Giving blessings to others is bringing blessings to oneself.

9. Accepting adversities in human relationships with a joyous heart creates positive affinities and generates good karma.

10. Giving is like drawing water from a well. It is only through giving that blessings continue to flow in.

11. Giving with expectations become miserable when expectations are not met; happiness will be short-lived even when expectations are met.

12. The value of life lies not in the opinions of others but in how well one lives.

13. To forgive others is to be kind to oneself.

14. Be grateful to your parents and all living beings and not disappointing them in any way.

15. There are two things in life that cannot be delayed – being filial and being charitable.

16. Being filial is not making our parents unduly worry about us.

17. To be filial to our parents is life’s greatest blessing.

18. Everything is beautiful to one with a beautiful heart.

19. Being angry is a form of torturing ourselves with the mistakes of others.

20. The happiness of one is not measured by how much one possessed but by the generosity one shows.

21. 做好事不能少我一人,做坏事不能多我一人。Involves me in doing good deeds; excludes me in doing bad deeds.

22. 没有烦恼,就不知道自己在哪里需要进步。If we have no worries, we will not know where we need improvement.

23. 人生最大的成就,是從失敗中站起來。Life greatest achievement is picking ourselves up from failure.

24. 自小培養愛心,長大就不易有偏差行為,而製造社會問題。Nurture a loving heart from young, so that they will not grow up to have a deviant character easily, and thus creating problems in society.

25. 拥有物质而心灵空虚,是富中之贫。懂得物质之外,用真诚的爱,真挚的情去付出,才是富中之富。One who has material wealth but an empty soul is the “poor” amongst the “rich”. To give with sincere love and affection is the “richest” among the “rich”.

26. 难行能行,难舍能舍,难为能为,才能升华自我的人格。Go on even when it is hard to go on, let go even when it is hard to let go, endure even when it is hard to endure; this is how our character is built.

27. 不要小看自己,因為人有無限可能。Do not underestimate ourselves, because man has boundless possibilities.

28. 人要先点亮自己的心灯,才能引发别人的心灯。Only when we light up our heart, can we inspire others to do the same.

29. 人能 [和],则是非不生。When we can be in harmonious with one another, conflict or dispute will not arise.

30. 心無邪思,意無邪念,即常可自在。心正則邪不侵。If our thoughts are upright and wholesome, we can always be at ease and evil cannot come near.

31. 忍让可避免争执,柔和大爱可转祸为福。Tolerance and accommodation can prevent disputes; gentleness and great love can transform disasters into blessings.

32. 人要知福,惜福,再造福。Know your blessings, cherish them and sow more blessings.

33. Those who have great wisdom must all the more be humble and unassuming, just like the rice stalk that bows under the weight of ripe grain.

34. Life is like walking on a tightrope. We are sure to fall if we keep looking behind instead of what is ahead.

35. Giving reaps the greatest harvest.

36. Gratitude is the worlds most beautiful language and the most genuine way for people to interact.

37. Only by treating others with kindness can one lead a happy and peaceful life.

38. A wise person is able to let go. To let go is actually to receive, to receive boundless happiness.

39. 要批評別人時,先想想自己,是否完美無缺。 Before we criticize others, let us consider first if we are perfect and flawless.

40. 心誠、行正,就能受人肯定信任。 One who acts with integrity and a sincere heart will win the trust of others.

41. 美滿的人生,不在物質,權勢,名利及地位,而在人與人之間的關愛與情誼。 A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, or power. It is a life that is filled with true friendships, sharing, and caring for each other.

42. 人生有三毒:貪、瞋、癡。 以布施治貪,以慈悲治瞋,以智慧治癡。 There are three poisons in life: greed, anger and ignorance. Giving cures greed. Compassion cures anger. Wisdom cures ignorance.

43. 天堂和地獄都是用心和行為造作的。 Our thoughts and actions create our destiny of heaven or hell.

44. 凡事不知足就不滿意,不滿意就有遺憾。 Discontentment brings dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction causes regret.

45. 真正的環保,是愛山,愛海,愛惜一切萬物。 True environmental protection lies in loving the mountains, the oceans and in cherishing all creation.

46. 對人要寬心,講話要細心。 Be forgiving towards others. Be cautious in your speech.

47. 自造福田,自得福緣。 One who sows the seed of blessings harvests blessings.

48. 有力量幫助他人,是自己的福。 Having the ability to help others is a blessing.

49. 勇氣不可失,信心不可無,世間沒有不能與無能的事,只怕--不肯。 Never lose courage. Never lose faith. Nothing in this world is impossible when you are determined.

50. 家庭是永久的學校,父母是終生的老師。The family is an everlasting school; parents are lifelong teachers.

51. 每天都是生命中的一張白紙,每一個人、每一件事,都是一篇生動的文章。Every day is a blank page in life, every person, every thing is a vivid essay.

52. 若要明日平安,就要將今日做好。For the peace we wish for tomorrow, start working on it today.

53. 「前腳走,後腳放」意即:昨天的事就讓它過去,把心神專注於今天該做的事。Lifting our rear foot while we stride forward means to let go of the past and focus on what we should do today.

54. 理直要氣和,得理要饒人。Remain soft-spoken and forgiving, even when reason is on your side.

55. 信心、毅力、勇氣三者具備,則天下沒有做不成的事。With confidence, perseverance and courage, there is nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished.

56. 有毅力、勇敢,坎坷的道路也能走到平坦。With perseverance and courage, the roughest roads can become smooth.

57. 只要肯用心去想,用心去修,用心去做,就沒有不能成功的事。There is nothing we cannot achieve if we are willing to think, cultivate and take mindful actions.

58. 心美看什麼都美。To a beautiful heart, everything appears beautiful.

59. 常懷感恩心而不埋怨,人生道路才能暢通無礙。Gratitude, rather than complaint, opens the doors to life.

60. 發好心,就有正確的方向;立好願,就有付出的力量。Start with good intentions and one will head in the right direction. Make good vows and one will have the strength to contribute.

61. 寬心、包容,是快樂的泉源。A forgiving and generous heart is the fountain of happiness.

62. 有人點燈求光明,其實真正的光明在我們心裡。Many seek illumination by lighting up a lamp, when the true light is within.

63. 感恩他人就是美化自己。Showing gratitude, is beautifying ourselves.

63. 無論路途坎坷或平坦,都應感恩鋪路的人。Whether the road is smooth or rough, always be grateful to the people who paved the way for us.

64. 有力量去愛人或被愛的人,都是幸福的人。Blessed are those who have the ability to love and be loved by others.

65. 天天發好願,時時做好事。Do good deeds and make good wishes each and every day.

66. 用愛化礙──心中有愛,就沒有障礙。Use love to melt away all obstacles – with love in our heart, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

67. 事不做,才困難;路不走,才遙遠。Nothing is easy to the unwilling. No road is too long for those already on it.

68. 原諒或怨恨,只是一念心;心念一轉,能包容一切。We can choose to bear grudges or forgive. With a change of thought, we can tolerate everything.

69. 人生無常,人命只在呼吸間,一秒間過不了關,生命就結束了。所以,要好好把握每一分、每一秒。Life is impermanent. It merely exists between breaths, so we must cherish every moment as life ends when we stop breathing.

70. 解除人間的災難,一定要從改善人心做起。To end the disasters of the world, we must improve the human mind.

71. 以感恩心待人處世,持之以恆,必能日日歡喜自在。If we always face all people and situations with a grateful heart, we will be happy and at peace every day.

72. 道理不在於聽得多,而是能實踐。It matters not how much teachings one listens to but in applying them.

73. 一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有得多,而是因為他計較得少。Happiness is not about how much we possess but how little we bicker over trivials.

74. 顧好自己的心念,才能真正愛人。Take good care of our mindset, then only we could really care for others.

75. 面對困難,當下盡心,盡力,盡人事就對了。In the face of difficulty, just wholeheartedly do our best with all our strength and effort.

76. 真正的歡喜不在於擁有多少,而是有愛。True happiness is measured by love, and not by one’s possessions.

77. 只要能張開眼睛,每一天都是我的新生之日,都是我做人的開始。Each day I can open my eyes, it is the birth of a new life, a new beginning to start life afresh.

78. 人生不怕錯,只怕不改過。Do not fear making mistakes in life, fear only not correcting them.

79. 說做、想做,不如動手做。Taking action is better than thinking and talking about it.

80. 今天只有一次,應好好把握做該做的事。Make today count. It comes only once in a lifetime.

81. 把握時間,珍惜空間,人與人之間要感恩,尊重,愛。Make good use of time and cherish what we have, treat one another with love, respect and gratitude.

82. 內在的心靈環保先落實生根,就能做到深度的外在環保。Profound environmental protection begins with profoundly cultivating our inner environment.

83. 真正的禪,是在日常生活中不起煩惱妄想。True meditation is calming the restless mind in everyday living.

84. 真誠的微笑與祝福,是安定人心的大力量。A sincere smile and a blessing are the greatest forces in soothing the human mind.

85. 最幸福的人生,就是能寬容與悲憫一切眾生的人生。A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life.

86. 有辛苦的付出,才有美滿的結果成就。Only by giving all one has can the satisfaction of a job well done be gained.

87. 如果影響不了別人,就做自己該做的事。If we cannot influence other people, just do what we ourselves should do.

88. 人之美,在於德; 展現於做好事、說好話、發好心。The beauty of people lies in their virtue; it is displayed through their good deeds, good words, and good heart.

89. 守住現在,就是守住未來。To seize the present is to seize the future.

90. 該做的事,排除萬難也要完成;不該做的事,無論任何困難,也要堅持立場。Do whatever it takes to do what is right. Do whatever it takes to not do what is wrong.

91. 安心睡,快樂吃,歡喜笑,健康做,是人生四寶。 The four treasures in life are sleeping soundly, eating happily, laughing joyfully and working healthily.

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92. 道理不在於聽得多,而是能實踐。What matters is not how much teachings one listens to but how one applies them in daily life.

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