Love Quotes and Sayings

A Walk in the Clouds Love Quotes and Sayings

A Walk in the Clouds Love Quotes and Sayings

1. Paul: I know that she is good and strong and deserves all the love this world has to give. Can’t you see that, how wonderful, how special she is?

2. Don Pedro Aragon: Newlyweds. What else do they do but make love and war?

3. Paul Sutton: She’s like the air to me.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: A Walk in the Clouds is a 1995 American romantic drama film directed by Alfonso Arau. The screenplay by Robert Mark Kamen, Mark Miller, and Harvey Weitzman is based on the 1942 Italian film Four Steps in the Clouds by Piero Tellini, Cesare Zavattini, and Vittorio de Benedetti.

Sayings in A Walk in the Clouds

1. Don Pedro Aragon: Talking between men and women never solves anything. Where we think, they feel. They are creatures of the heart.

2. Alberto Aragon: Just because I talk with an accent doesn’t mean I think with an accent.

3. Guadalupe Aragon: You must see it through. Your fate. What brought you here.

4. Alberto Aragon: My daughter can trace her roots back 400 years to the best families in Mexico.