Love Quotes and Sayings

Marci Shimoff Love Quotes and Sayings

Marci Shimoff Love Quotes and Sayings

1. When you forgive, you heal your own anger and hurt and are able to let love lead again. It’s like spring cleaning for your heart.

2. In relationships we’re so used to complaining about other people. My co-workers are so difficult to work with, my husband makes me so mad, my children are so lazy. It’s always focusing on the other person. But for relationships to really work, we need to focus on what we appreciate about the other person, not what we’re complaining about. When we’re complaining about those things we’re only getting more of those things.Even if you’re having a really hard time in a relationship… things aren’t working, you’re not getting along, someone’s in your face … you still can turn that relationship around.Take a piece of paper, and for the next thirty days, once a day sit down and write all the things that you appreciate about that person. Think about all the reasons that you love them. You appreciate their sense of humor, you appreciate how supportive they are. And what you’ll find is that when you focus on appreciating and acknowledging their strengths, that’s what you’ll get more of. And the problems will fade away.


Marci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned transformational teacher. Her books include the international bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason. She is also the woman’s face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history as co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series. With book sales of more than fifteen million copies worldwide in thirty-three languages, Marci is one of the best-selling female non-fiction authors of all time. She is also a featured teacher in the film and book sensation The Secret. Marci is dedicated to helping people live more empowered and joy-filled lives.

Sayings by Marci Shimoff

1. Many people in Western culture are striving for success. They want the great home, they want their business to work, they want all these outer things. But what we found in our research is that having these outer things does not necessarily guarantee what we really want, which is happiness. So we go for these outer things thinking they’re going to bring us happiness , but it’s backward. You need to go for the inner joy, the inner peace, the inner vision first, and then all of the outer things appear.

2. When you’re Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You don’t need to manipulate the world around you to try to make yourself happy. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.

3. Once you begin to understand and truly master your thoughts and feelings, that’s when you see how you create your own reality. That’s where your freedom is, that’s where all your power is. That’s when you see how you can become a deliberate creator of your life. And when you are a deliberate creator of your life, and you use this law of attraction, you will have a life that is beyond what you can possibly imagine right now.

4. If you’re feeling good, then you’re creating a future that’s on track with what you’re desiring. If you’re feeling bad, you’re creating a future that’s off track with your desires. As you go about your day, the law of attraction is working in every second. Everything we think, everything we’re feeling, is creating our future. If you’re worried, if you’re in fear, then that’s bringing more of that into your life throughout the day.

5. It’s impossible to monitor every thought we have. Researchers tell us that we have about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Can you imagine how exhausted you’d feel trying to control all of those thoughts? Fortunately, there’s an easier way. And it’s our feelings. Our feelings let us know what it is that we’re thinking.

6. When you feel angry, frustrated, or sad, stress hormones and cholesterol are released into your body, your heart pumps faster, and your blood pressure rises. In contrast, when you’re feeling appreciative, loving, and emotionally balanced, you create heart rhythm coherence—smooth, even patterns in the heart rhythms.

7. Worrying is like a rocking chair; it takes a lot of energy and doesn’t get you anywhere.

8. Victors focus on solutions, while victims complain about problems.

9. Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your life.

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