Greg Olsen Inspiring Quotes and Sayings

Greg Olsen Inspiring Quotes and Sayings

Greg Olsen Inspiring Quotes and Sayings

All these quotes are from Greg Olsen (an American entrepreneur, engineer and scientist who, in October 2005, became the third private citizen to make a self-funded trip to the International Space Station with the company Space Adventures) and also Greg Olsen (an American football tight end for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League).

Inspiring Quotes and Sayings by both Greg Olsen

1. People have been asking me if I’m going to do this. My answer is that I’m really interested but one flight at a time.

2. I had a minor medical problem and they said I couldn’t go. It took me a year to get well and then I finally went into space. That should just let you all know that you should never give up.

3. There was just that floating sensation. It was really magical.

4. I had rough times. There were times that I wanted to give up and quit. Don’t give up.

5. Losing, it doesn’t happen here. It’s not accepted. That’s just the way it is. Winning is the standard that’s been set by the past teams, and each new team wants to live up to those standards. So expectations here are as high as ever. Every time we take the field, we expect to win.

6. I’m looking forward to connecting with the students to be able to share my experiences in space. I think it’s very important to encourage the youth of today to dream big and let them know that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.

7. Just to float in the air is such a great experience. I’m still literally on cloud nine about it.

8. I grew up in space times. In seventh grade, my teacher said we had to do math and science because the Russians were beating us in the space race. It was a real catalyst. I wish we had something like that today.

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