Abigail Van Buren Love Quotes and Sayings

Abigail Van Buren Love Quotes and Sayings

Photo credit: Wikipedia, Abigail Van Buren Quotes and Sayings

Photo credit: Wikipedia, Abigail Van Buren Love Quotes and Sayings

Abigail Van Buren Love Quotes and Sayings

#1-2 Words of the Prophet: Daughters of the Almighty, November 2003

1. Girls need to prove their love through illicit sexual relations like a moose needs a hat rack. Why not prove your love by sticking your head in the oven and turning on the gas or by playing leapfrog in the traffic? It’s about as safe. Clear the cobwebs out of your head. Any fellow who asks you to prove your love is trying to take you for the biggest, most gullible fool who ever walked. That proving bit is one of the oldest and rottenest lines ever invented.

2. If he loves you, let him prove his love by marching you to the altar.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: Pauline Esther Phillips (July 4, 1918 – January 16, 2013), also known as Abigail Van Buren, was an American advice columnist and radio show host who began the “Dear Abby” column in 1956. During her decades writing the column, it became the most widely-syndicated newspaper column in the world, syndicated in 1,400 newspapers around the world with 110 million of readers.

From 1963 to 1975, Phillips also had a daily “Dear Abby” program on CBS Radio. TV anchorwoman Diane Sawyer calls her the “pioneering queen of salty advice.”

Sayings by Abigail Van Buren

#1 Dear Abby, 2 December 1985

1. Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.

#2 Dear Abby, 16 November 1981

2. Women who miscalculate are called “mothers.”

#3 Dear Abby, 15 March 1974

3. True, “a little learning IS a dangerous thing” — but it still beats total ignorance.

#4 Dear Abby, 24 February 1985

4. And remember, the less you talk, the more you’re listened to.

#5 Dear Abby, 18 June 1992

5. Wisdom does not automatically come with old age. Nothing does except wrinkles. It’s true, some wines improve with age but only if the grapes were good in the first place.

#6 Dear Abby, 15 May 1995

6. Maturity is: The ability to stick with a job until it’s finished. The ability to do a job without being supervised. The ability to carry money without spending it. And the ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

Unsourced Abigail Van Buren Quotes

1. Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present.

2. If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.

3. For many of us we are always wanting more – we would be happier if we had such and such. Maybe we should pause for a moment and hear what some people in the third world countries would like to make them happier. 1. Having enough to eat so when you go to sleep at night your stomach doesn’t ache. 2. Having shoes on your feet and any kind of clothing to keep the cold out. 3. Having a roof over your head. 4. Having the hope that you’ll be lucky enough to get some kind of an education. 5. Believing that the dream of freedom, brotherhood, and peace for all mankind will someday come true.

4. A bad habit never disappears miraculously; it’s an undo-it – yourself project.

5. People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.

6. If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.

Quote misattributed to Abigail Van Buren

1. Fear less; hope more. Eat less; chew more. Talk less; say more. Hate less; love more. (Swedish toast)

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