Amy Bloom Love Quotes and Sayings

Amy Bloom Love Quotes and Sayings

Amy Bloom Love Quotes and Sayings

Amy Bloom Love Quotes and Sayings, Photo credit: Wikipedia

Amy Bloom Love Quotes and Sayings

#1 How to Get the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted [S]

1. It takes something to get married: nerve, hope, a strong desire to make a certain statement—and it takes something to stay married: more hope, determination, a sense of humor and needs that are best met by being in a pair.

#2 Where the God of Love Hangs Out

2. It is a wonderful, moving, heart-filling experience to sit with the man or woman you love and your beloved children and know that all are happy to be just where they are with each other and loving one another. This doesn’t happen very often.

#3 How Do You Find Love? [S]

3. Be real and be unashamed, even of your faults. I do truly know what he’s made of and vice versa.

#4-5 Add variety of love to your life, 23 June 23 2011 [S]

4. It turns out that, if you believe in love, there are an awful lot of people to love. I don’t mean just that you have the opportunity to love them, I mean that you’d better love them, even if your history with them is not so happy, even if they piss you off, even if they’re practically strangers.

5. Our capacity to love is not limited; time is a constraint and so is energy, but love that makes your life better gives you more of what you need.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: Amy Bloom (born 1953) is an American writer. She has been nominated for the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

Sayings by Amy Bloom

#1-2 Rowing to Eden: Collected Stories

1. I do not say what I feel, and people often take that for shyness, even kindness.

2. …they danced as though they’d been waiting all their lives for each song.

#3 How to Get the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted [S]

3. In a true partnership, the kind worth striving for, the kind worth insisting on, and even, frankly, worth divorcing over, both people try to give as much or even a little more than they get. “Deserves” is not the point. “Fair” is not the point. And “owes” is certainly not the point. The point is to make the other person as happy as we can, because their happiness adds to ours. The point is—in the right hands, everything that you give, you get.

#4-5 Love Invents Us

4. Some people are your family no matter when you find them, and some people are not, even if you are laid, still wet and crumpled, in their arms.

5. …men do not know what they do not know, and women should not tell them.

#6 How to Have (Better) Sex As You Get Older [S]

6. Aging is a chance to make what was good, great, and what was never so good, better, because—what have you got to lose?

#7-8 Away

7. I think the most important thing in the world is being brave. I’d rather be brave than beautiful. Wouldn’t you? Hell, I’d settle for acting brave.

8. Everyone has two memories. The one you can tell and the one that is stuck to the underside of that, the dark, tarry smear of what happened.

#9-11 Dear Every Woman I Know, Including Me [S]

9. …every step toward self-love you take, and every inch of confidence you give someone’s daughter, makes the world a better place.

10. Until we stop trying to exorcise our own imperfect selves, driving out normal physical traits as if they were signs of pathology, there will always be some misery in the eyes that nothing can hide.

11. You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.

#12-14 What It Really Takes to Stay Happily Married [S]

12. Divorce doesn’t break my heart. It comes awfully close when there are children involved and parents forget that people matter more than furniture, money, or power.

13. People who are happy believe in happiness.

14. Nothing guarantees a long and happy marriage except two people willing to throw themselves, headlong, into the uncertainty, the inevitable pain and disappointment, the absolutely guaranteed failures and essential bravery, of intimacy.

#15 Why Poetry Can Save Your Life [S]

15. …poetry is the thing that will take you inside yourself, it will hand you back a piece of your soul…

Unsourced Quotes by Amy Bloom

1. Learning to listen, letting people finish their sentences, and most of all, the habit of noticing the difference between what people say and how they say it. {on the habits of psychoanalytic training and practice applied to fiction writing} The gap between what people tell you and what’s really going on is what interests me.

2. Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner.

3. Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking for each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.

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