Karen Hackel Love Quotes and Sayings

Karen Hackel Love Quotes and Sayings

Karen Hackel Love Quotes and Sayings

1. Always remember you are loved, you carry the love, you spread the love, you radiate the love and the love is returned to you.

2. Loving oneself is the most primal of all survival mechanisms.

3. The key is love: It is the gateway to hope, to joy, to enhanced living. Love is the answer.


Excerpt from The Whisper of Your Soul: Karen Hackel has channeled writings since 1998. Karen was born, raised and educated in South Africa. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She emigrated to the USA in 1983. Karen, her husband Bob and their teenage son, Brett live in New Jersey.

Sayings by Karen Hackel

1. You need to trust, to surrender, to ask for guidance, go within for the answers. They’re within you. You have the answers; all you need do is ask.

2. Let your wisdom guide you on your own personal journey by listening to your heart. Your soul will be alight and let you be all that you are intended to be.

3. Hope is a journey into an enchanted tomorrow.

4. Each day is a gift to embrace and welcome.

5. The way is yours for the asking – the way is yours for the taking. The way is as it should be.

6. We rise up and we fall down. Only to rise again.

7. Now is everything. Now is the essence. Now is the focus. Focus on the now. For that is the key.

8. Even in the darkest clouds, there are specks of joy. Out of the darkness comes light. Just as day always follows night.

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