Karen Salmansohn Quotes and Sayings

Karen Salmansohn Quotes and Sayings

Karen Salmansohn Love Quotes and Sayings

Karen Salmansohn Love Quotes and Sayings, Photo credit: NotsalmonTV

Karen Salmansohn Love Quotes and Sayings

#1 Instagram, 9 October 2015

1. Love yourself enough to let go of guilt, blame, shame, anger, fear, loss, worry … anything that makes you sad.

#2 notsalmon.com

2. Let’s remind our girls to love themselves from the inside out.

#3 Instagram, 26 July 2016

3. As I began to love myself more, my relationship with everyone changed.

#4 notsalmon.com

4. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to someone you love!

#5 Instagram, 28 May 2016

5. Your mission: be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.

#6 Instagram, 14 October 2015

6. What we seek in love is finding someone with whom we feel safe to be our truest self.

#7 Think Happy: Instant Peptalks to Boost Positivity

7. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to someone you love. Shush your inner bully. Be your own bestie.

#8 Instagram, 2 March 2016

8. Life is too short to stress about people who don’t deserve room in your heart.

#9 Instagram, 21 April 2016

9. Love yourself first so you know what you deserve.

#10 Instagram, 10 August 2015

10. It takes a strong heart to love. And it takes a truly strong heart to love again after being hurt.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: Karen Salmansohn is a best selling self-help book author with over one million books sold.

Karen Salmansohn Sayings

#1 Facebook, 12 November 2012

1. Seek out the good in the bad, the happy in your sad, the gain in your pain, what make you grateful, not hateful.

#2 Instagram, 7 December 2014

2. Even in the midst of a challenging time, I still feel thankful and blessed.

#3 How to Be Happy, Dammit: A Cynic’s Guide to Spiritual Happiness

3. Happiness is not about what happens to you, but how you choose to respond to what happens.

#4 notsalmon.com

4. What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same? Doubt you’d be happy. So, why are you afraid of change?

#5 notsalmon.com

5. View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up about things from your past. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking: “What was I thinking?” Breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: “What was I learning?”

#6 Instagram, 16 February 2016

6. Don’t just teach kids how to count. Teach ’em what counts most.

#7 Instagram, 6 April 2017

7. Don’t worry about how slowly you feel you’re heading to your dreams, or how many roadblocks you find, or detours you need to take, you’re still cruising far ahead of everyone who’s too afraid to even try.

#8 Instagram, 5 December 2015

8. Often it’s the deepest pain which inspires you to grow into your highest self.

#9 Instagram, 14 February 2017

9. Good looks fade. But a good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

#10 Instagram, 9 June 2014

10. Never allow people who suck to suck the joy out of your day.

#11 Instagram, 20 July 2014

11. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful life becomes.

#12 Instagram, 19 February 2016

12. Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without the need for anyone else’s approval.

#13 Instagram, 7 November 2015

13.If someone keeps bringing you down, perhaps it’s time to get up and leave.

#14 Instagram, 12 November 2015

14. You gotta look for the good in the bad, the happy in the sad, the gain in the pain, and what makes you grateful not hateful.

#15 notsalmon.com

15. Let go of your worries. Hold on to this moment.

#16 Instagram, 13 August 2014

16. If you can drive yourself crazy, you can drive yourself happy!

#17 Instagram, 7 July 2017

17. Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.

#18 Instagram, 6 March 2016

18. What’s in your memory bank is more important than what’s in your bank.

#19 Instagram, 2 October 2015

19. Your words have great power. Use them to support and inspire.

#20 Instagram, 7 August 2016

20. Don’t just look to find the miracle you need. Look for how you might become a miracle to someone else.

#21 Instagram, 25 September 2014

21. Ban, delete, shred, obliterate the words: “I’m not good enough.”

#22 Instagram, 20 April 2015

22. Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to get to the best. Keep moving forward. Be patient.

#23 notsalmon.com

23. Gratitude is a powerful antidote for the blues.

#24 notsalmon.com

24. Everything you’re presently angry about blocks you from seeing happiness.

#25 Instagram, 8 December 2014

25. Be patient. Eventually you will see the beauty in your chaos, the purpose in your pain.

#26 Instagram, 20 February 2016

26. Forgive them. All of your thems. The more thems you can forgive, the lighter you’ll feel.

#27 Instagram, 16 December 2015

27. Don’t let the darkness of your past block the light of joy in your present. What happened is done. Stop giving time to things that no longer exist when there is so much joy to be found in the here and now.

#28 Instagram, 21 February 2016

28. Sometimes when bad things happen, we learn to appreciate the good things in a whole new light.

#29 Instagram, 5 July 2015

29. We choose to remain blind to what we don’t want to accept.

#30 Instagram, 8 January 2016

30. If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, stories and interpretations. You must change what goes on inside of you, to change what goes on outside of you.

#31 Instagram, 23 November 2015

31. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s going to happen anyway.

#32 Instagram, 13 May 2015

32. Often what feels like a terrible change, is really just a challenging pathway to a far better place.

#33 Instagram, 25 November 2015

33. One day it will all be okay. Your one day is coming.

#34 Instagram, 4 July 2015

34. It’s okay not to be okay as long as you’re not giving up

#35 Instagram, 18 June 2015

35. Each day you only have a limited amount of time and energy. Don’t waste it stressing about things you cannot control.

#36 Instagram, 17 February 2016

36. It’s during the worst storms of life that you get to see the true colors of those who say they care.

#37 Instagram, 3 November 2016

37. Stress happens when you think you have figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day.

#38 Instagram, 20 November 2015

38. What are the most powerful words in the universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself.

#39 Instagram, 8 February 2016

39. Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best. Give time some time.

#40 Instagram, 8 June 2016

40. One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.

#41 Instagram, 24 June 2016

41. It’s upsetting to think one day the people we love won’t be here on this planet. Appreciate your loved ones while you can, because none of us are here forever.

#42 Instagram, 5 August 2016

42. Never let the bad someone did to you ruin your happiness. Never let their bad behavior stop you from behaving at your very best.

#43 Instagram, 4 June 2016

43. If you live in fear of the future because of what happened to you in the past, you’ll wind up losing what you have in the present.

#44 Instagram, 12 June 2016

44. I wish that people would stop destroying other people just because they were once destroyed.

#45 Instagram, 21 March 2017

45. Be a kind person. Yes, even to jerks. Let them be a jerk. You be a kind person.

#46 Instagram, 31 July 2016

46. If you don’t let it out, if you don’t let it go, you’re going to let it eat you away.

#47 Twitter, September 5, 2016

47. Whatever is happening right now, remember: Nothing sucks forever.

#48 Instagram, 4 September 2016

48. Being different is a good thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.

#49 Instagram, 17 September 2016

49. Sometimes you have to accept that certain things will not go back to how they once were, and trust the journey you’re on.

#50 Instagram, 1 September 2016

50. Seek out the happiness in all of life’s crappiness.

#51 Instagram, 26 September 2016

51. If ever you find yourself doubting you can make it through a challenge, simply think back to everything you’ve overcome in the past.

#52 Instagram, 10 February 2017

52. You can be angry at life for not giving you all you want. Or you can feel blessed for all you have.

#53 Instagram, 3 November 2016

53. Why feel blue when there are so many other colors you can feel!

#54 Instagran, 6 October 2016

54. Everything will be good really soon. So hang in there, and try not to worry too much.

#55 Instagram, 1 November 2016

55. One of the most beautiful things you can do for someone is make them feel loved exactly as they are.

#56 Instagram, 13 March 2017

56. Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got it. Take it day by day.

#57 Twitter, 2 February 2017

57. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to turn your life around.

#58 Instagram, 25 February 2017

58. View change as chance. It’s a chance for something new and better to happen.

#59 Instagram 28 April 2017

59. Big thank you to all those who have been unkind to me. You reminded me about the importance of kindness.

#60 Instagram, 24 May 2017

60. It’s tempting to ignore what you don’t want to deal with. But ignoring won’t improve things. You cannot change what you refuse to confront.

#61 Instagram, 10 June 2017

61. Slow down! Enjoy the moments in your day. These moments are your life.

#62 Instagram, 10 July 2017

62. Sometimes you don’t get closure. You just move on.

#63 Instagram, 31 May 2017

63. Often challenging paths bring you to rewarding places. Trust the process.

#64 Instagram, 3 January 2017

64. Stop worrying about what tomorrow may brings. Focus on what you can control. Stay positive. Enjoy today. Expect good things to come.

#65 Instagram, 27 November 2017

65. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not overthink things. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

#66 Instagram, 4 December 2015

66. Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying in your heart until you let it go.

#67 Instagram, 8 October 2016

67. The future can be better. You have the power to make it so.

#68 Instagram, 10 November 2015

68. Change the way you think about yourself and you’ll change your entire life.

#69 Instagram, 27 July 2017

69. When something doesn’t feel right it isn’t. Your mind can play tricks on you. But your heart knows what it feels.


70. Be true to who you are and know…not everyone’s gonna like you. Then again, there are some folks who don’t even like cupcakes.


71. Every you go is a chance to change the world! One smile, one hug, one act of kindness can make the world of a difference to someone.

#72 Instagram, 30 July 2018

72. It’s up to you to take the broken pieces of your life, and yourself, and build something beautiful out of it all.

#73 Instagram, 20 September 2018

73. If you want to outdo where you are, you must outbe who you are and outbelieve your limitations.

#74 Instagram, 29 June 2018

74. If it does not open, it’s not your door.

#75 Instagram, 4 February 2019

75. Pain is meant to wake you up. Some of life’s best changes come from pain.

#76 Instagram, 12 February 2019

76. One of the best feelings is finally letting go of something or someone that was hurting your heart.

#77 Instagram, 20 June 2019

77. Even the tiniest ray of hope is a very powerful thing! Don’t give up! Often it’s when you least expect it that your miracle arrives!

#78 Instagram, 22 September 2019

78. In order to be happy you must let go of the story you thought life would be, and find joy in the story you are living.

#79 Instagram, 13 February 2020

79. Happiness (more often than not)  comes from giving not getting.

#80 Instagram [S]

80. There are hidden blessings in your struggles. Look for them.

#81 Instagram [S]

81. Good things can still happen during bad times. Focus on & enjoy the good stuff.

#82 Instagram [S]

82. You can’t get all you want in life by remaining who you are. You must grow.

#83 Instagram [S]

83. Remind someone they are worthy, appreciated, enough. Be the light in an often too dark world.

#84 Instagram [S]

84. When the sky cries, things start to bloom. So, let those tears flow. It’s good for you too.

#84 Instagram [S]

85. Sometimes a change that’s good for you doesn’t feel or look good at all.

#86 Instagram [S]

86. Often what feels like the end of the world is really a path to a far better place.

#87 Instagram [S]

87. Feel what you need to feel. Learn what you need to learn. Then let it go.

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