Rachael Bermingham Love Quotes and Sayings

Rachael Bermingham Love Quotes and Sayings

Rachael Bermingham Love Quotes and Sayings

1. Parenting is a giant responsibility forever, so we need to learn how to drop the guilt and go easy on ourselves when we mess up.

2. Businesses, like babies and books, need nurturing, time, energy, love, planning and, yes, money to develop, grow and prosper.


Excerpt from Wikipedia: Rachael Bermingham is an Australian author, speaker, mentor and TV personality. Rachael has written 7 bestselling books (6 self-published and 1 published) since 2006. Her books are nearing sales of 4 million copies.

Sayings by Rachael Bermingham

1. Through adversity, not only are we given an opportunity to discover our inner strength, we are also given the gift of foresight so we can shine a light for others who go through the experience after us.

2. Surround yourself with people who are really good and really passionate about what they do regardless of what it is … positivity and passion make a powerful combination.

3. The most important point to remember in developing self-confidence is to take responsibility for who we are. This empowers us. We can change anything, do anything, and be anything when we assume full responsibility for ourselves.

4. Don’t hang onto anything too tightly – all things must change and you have to allow room for them to grow and blossom.

5. The energy we put out is the energy we get back.

6. It’s not about having enough time, it’s about making enough time.

7. If you can learn to motivate yourself, you can always tap into an abundance of energy that will drive you to the success you dream of.

8. There’s something about human nature which draws us to people who are authentic and makes us want to repel those that aren’t.

9. Every day we’re given opportunities, some of us see them and some are too busy to notice.

10. Entrust your dreams and goals to people who will cheer you on and inspire you, who will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear so you can move forward and fast track.

11. The only way we can change our world is to take responsibility for our part in it.

12. Every day in every way we are leaving our mark.

13. Most days I juggle everything quite well, on the other days there’s always red wine.

14. A key ingredient to achieving your goals is to make sure your goals are totally congruent with who you are as a person. Your head and hearts desire must match. It’s such an important step in goal achievement and if we miss it, we can end up travelling a long way down the wrong path!

15. The mind can be our best friend and advocate in getting what we want in life, or it can pull the brakes on and be a nasty little foe – the choice is yours – choose your attitude.

16. There are several paths to success; We are given multiple opportunities to achieve our potential throughout our lives. Some get there a little faster than others. But one thing is for sure; NO ONE gets there without first having a goal then taking action and LOTS of it!

17. The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don’t give up, breathe in and give it all you have.

18. The Universe conspires to help the person who knows where they’re going and what they want.

19. Miracles do happen, don’t just believe in them, expect them.

20. Be kind to yourself today with good thoughts.

21. View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking: “What was I thinking?” Breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: “What was I learning?”

22. Tune in not out – the answers to all your questions are within you.

23. Tune in, not out. Your inner intelligence is always speaking to you so be still long enough to hear it’s whisper of wisdom.

24. Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals other than right now!

25. Just when you think you haven’t got anything left, take a deep breath and take one more step. It could be the one thing that changes everything.

26. Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who got you to where you are and you who will get you to where you want to go.

27. Your past is just a story – we all have one but it’s over.

28. Do not let the shadows of your past darken the doorstep of your future. Forgive and forget.

29. Don’t judge me. I was born to be awesome not perfect.

30. It’s not what you have in your life, it’s who you have in your life that really counts.

31. Nothing lasts forever so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid bullshit, take chances and don’t regret a thing.

32. Make your own luck by taking action. Step by step, little by little, you’ll gain momentum and your luck will increase.

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