Sophocles Love Quote and Sayings

Sophocles Love Quote and Sayings

Sophocles Love Quote and Sayings

1. One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.


Sophocles love quote and sayingsExcerpt from Wikipedia: Sophocles (497/6 BC- winter 407/6 BC) was the second of the three ancient Greek tragedians whose work has survived. His first plays were written later than those of Aeschylus and earlier than those of Euripides. According to the Suda, a 10th century encyclopedia, Sophocles wrote 123 plays during the course of his life, but only seven have survived in a complete form: Ajax, Antigone, Trachinian Women, Oedipus the King, Electra, Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus.

Sayings by Sophocles

1. A fearful man is always hearing things.

2. A lie never lives to be old.

3. A man growing old becomes a child again.

4. A soul that is kind and intends justice discovers more than any sophist.

5. A wise doctor does not mutter incantations over a sore that needs the knife.

6. All a man’s affairs become diseased when he wishes to cure evils by evils.

7. All is disgust when a man leaves his own nature and does what is unfit.

8. Children are the anchors of a mother’s life.

9. Every man can see things far off but is blind to what is near.

10. Fortune cannot aid those who do nothing.

11. Hide nothing, for time, which sees all and hears all, exposes all.

12. How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when there’s no help in the truth.

13. How sweet for those faring badly to forget their misfortunes even for a short time.

14. Hush! Check those words. Do not cure ill with ill and make your pain still heavier than it is.

15. I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.

16. If my body is enslaved, still my mind is free.

17. If one begins all deeds well, it is likely that they will end well too.

18. If you have done terrible things, you must endure terrible things; for thus the sacred light of injustice shines bright.

19. If you were to offer a thirsty man all wisdom, you would not please him more than if you gave him a drink.

20. It is the task of a good man to help those in misfortune.

21. It was my care to make my life illustrious not by words more than by deeds.

22. Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.

23. There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bewail what is done and cannot be recalled?

24. Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure.

25. To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.

26. Whoever thinks that he alone has speech, or possesses speech or mind above others, when unfolded such men are seen to be empty.

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