Water for Elephants Love Quotes and Sayings

Water for Elephants Love Quotes and Sayings

Water for Elephants Love Quotes and Sayings

1. ‎When two people are meant to be together, they will be together. It’s fate.

2. Although there are times I’d give anything to have her back, I’m glad she went first. Losing her was like being cleft down the middle. It was the moment it all ended for me, and I wouldn’t have wanted her to go through that. Being the survivor stinks.


Water for Elephants love quotes and sayingsExcerpt from Wikipedia: Water for Elephants is a historical novel by Sara Gruen. Gruen originally wrote the novel as part of National Novel Writing Month. The story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski, a “ninety or ninety-three year-old” man who lives in a nursing home.

Sayings in Water for Elephants

1. You are a beautiful person, you deserve a beautiful life.

2. Afterwards, she lies nestled against me, her hair tickling my face. I stroke her lightly, memorizing her body. I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin. I want. I lie motionless, savoring the feeling of her body against mine. I’m afraid to breathe in case I break the spell.

3. We lean against the wall in silence, still holding hands. After about an hour she falls asleep, sliding down until her head rests on my shoulder. I remain awake, every fiber of my body aware of her proximity.

4. Sometimes I think if I had to choose between an ear of corn or making love to a woman, I’d choose the corn.

5. Age is a terrible thief. Just when you’re getting the hang of life, it knocks your legs out from under you and stoops your back. It makes you ache and muddies your head and silently spreads cancer throughout your spouse.

6. When will people learn that just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should?

7. Dear God. Not only am I unemployed and homeless, but I also have a pregnant woman, bereaved dog, elephant, and eleven horses to take care of.

8. Life is the most spectacular show on earth.

9. …if you expect people to try to do things your way, you’re going to have to give some hints as to what that way is.

10. I look after those who look after me.” He smacks his lips, stares at me, and adds, “I also look after those who don’t.

11. I just can’t. I’m married. I made my bed and now I have to lie in it.

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