Jerry Maguire Love Quotes and Sayings

Jerry Maguire Love Quotes and Sayings

Jerry Maguire Love Quotes and Sayings

1. I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is.

2. Rod Tidwell: Maybe you don’t. Because it’s not just the money I deserve. It’s not just the “coin.” It’s the… – “the kwan”.
Jerry Maguire: That’s your word?
Rod Tidwell: Yeah, man, it means love, respect, community… and the dollars too. The package. The kwan.

3. Dicky Fox: Hey, I don’t have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you my kind of success.

4. I have this great guy. And he loves my son. And he sure does like me a lot.

5. Jerry Maguire: I love you. You… you complete me. And I just…
Dorothy: Shut up, just shut up. You had me at “hello”.

6. Dorothy: Maybe love shouldn’t be such hard work.


Jerry Maguire love quotes and sayingsExcerpt from Wikipedia: Jerry Maguire is a 1996 American romantic comedy-drama film starring Tom Cruise. It was written, co-produced, and directed by Cameron Crowe. The film released in North American theaters on December 13, 1996, distributed by Gracie Films and TriStar Pictures.

Sayings in Jerry Maguire

1. Help me, help you.

2. Show me the money!

3. Jerry Maguire: I won’t let you get rid of me.

4. Jerry Maguire: What do you want from me? My soul?
Dorothy: Why not? I deserve that much.

5. Jerry Maguire: The fuckin zoo is closed, Ray.
Ray: You said fuck.
Jerry Maguire: Uh… yeah… I…
Ray: Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

6. Jerry Maguire: I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game *featuring you*, while singing your own song in a new commercial, *starring you*, broadcast during the Superbowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not *sleep* until that happens. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to call me back.

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